Crossout NEW Game Mode BEDLAM Update & "The Bat" Build (Crossout Gameplay)

For starters, you surely would have already noticed that the new Playgrounds is now also a part of the NBA 2K family, with its full title being NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Just before its original launch, which was supposed to be summer 2018, Playgrounds 2 was delayed.

Honestly, playing NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 feels like an interactive sports anime. Players must take into consideration the center of gravity, mass, location and placement of parts. I find it baffling that I can't compete in a real career-style match against AI players like in the first game.

However, I can't ignore the fact that one day the Playgrounds 2 user base is going to drop. If you don't have a car jack you'll have to rely on the kindness of other players to flip you back. When a player installs blue and purple item on their frame, the player will be put in the tier of their highest tier item regardless of the power score.

The game focuses around vehicle combat. Cannons are by far the most powerful weapons at the start of the game and can easily shred your vehicle from the other side of the map. Last year, the original NBA Playgrounds shot its way onto the scene , formally revitalizing the dormant sub-genre of arcade basketball games.

Trading options between players: every piece that you have gathered can be sold to other players. They are very handy for players who like to get up close and personal and can be used to ram enemies away from objectives. The improvements to the gameplay mechanics and visual elements do still help NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 to be a step-up over its predecessor.

For me, as someone who knows next to nothing about basketball, I still find this more arcadey-style of basketball video game to be more engaging and far less intimidating than the real 2K” (although I've found that I actually do like that series as well - check out my amateurish review of NBA 2K19).

Nomads: Specialize in Heavy Automatic weapons (Auto-cannons + Heavy MG's) and are great at stripping parts off enemy vehicles but less effective at destroying the cabin. Big bastard mechs fighting each other: a simple idea not executed often enough in video games.

If you can overlook the heavier integration of gameplay the online component and the microtransactions (which, again, are pretty avoidable), then there's a really good chance you'll still have a lot of fun with NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 regardless of whether you've already played the original or not.

Matchmaking is currently limited only by the parts used to create the players' vehicles. Most players, especially at lower levels, don't have access to any strong frames or struts to mount their guns on. In fact, they're often just welded to the vehicle's base frame.

That said, it's not out of the realm of possibility for the game to spread to the PS4 - it made it to Xbox One in August of last year and, assuming the game had console exclusivity, a year's time would be long enough for Grinding Gear Games to branch out.

Unique vehicles, crafted by the players using a wide range of available parts: From nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields. Games like FPS Strategy Share Views View All Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts Videos Links First Person Games vs Blue and shoot the fast paced, adrenaline pumping, and get much content right from behind.

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